Redcliffe Golf Club - Course Review


45 minutes north of Brisbane’s CBD lies Redcliffe Golf Club. A stunning drive over the Hornibrook Bridge and with a lovely 19th-hole bar area, Redcliffe is a nice spot!

The golf course is good, it’s not great. I’ve played at Redcliffe a number of times and the course is always in decent condition. It isn’t the best and most well manicured 18 holes you’ll ever play, but it is a good, solid course.

The problem with Redcliffe? More often than not, there are lots of mosquitos, so make sure you bring your aeroguard! If you can get over that, you’ll have a good day out, but there’s just a few parts of the course that fall away. A couple of the greens are a bit rough, the bunkers are often hard and just generally, it is a bit patchy.

That said, the course sets up well for a golfer that favours a left to right shot shape, with a number of dog-leg right Par 4’s & 5’s. It is reasonably forgiving as well, there are a couple of water traps, but for the most part if you’re straying your drives off the tee, you can find your ball on the next fairway or in the reasonably bare tree lines. I know this, from personal experience.

The last 3 holes at Redcliffe play right along the water back, anything right and your ball is in Bramble Bay, you’re no chance of retrieving it. Trust me, take it down the left side! The closing Par 4 18th is a nice finishing hole, long, dog-legging Par 4 with a big open green and surround bunkers. I was fortunate enough to stick it in there nice and tight, only to completely butcher the putt!

Redcliffe is reasonably priced, I’d recommend it for a nice social day out where you don’t want to lose too many golf balls, again, so long as you’re happy to deal with the mossies! I think the for purist golfer, you can spend your money around Brisbane elsewhere to find a better track.

Heads up, the 9th hole doesn’t come back to the clubhouse so take enough beers for 18 holes! That said, there is a canteen in the middle of the course in close proximity to a number of different holes, but the times I have been there, it has only been open sporadically.


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