Queensland’s Sheffield Shield Team Would Beat A Low Level Test Team.

Hear me out.

Queensland’s Shield Team for the upcoming Summer is absolutely elite.

The sheer talent present on the team leads me to believe that they could beat some test playing nations if it really came to it.

Also, I can hear all of you now.

“What about NSW?!?!?!?”

Shut up.

They themselves have pretty much the entirety of the Australian XI, and do we think the National team could beat a low level test team? Duh.

The Bulls team however is full of exciting youth, steady veterans and those who have been underestimated for too long.

For a few years now QLD has been trudging along to success, having blooded many bright stars of Australian Cricket.

They too have been successful in the Domestic scene, having last won the comp in 2017/18.

To begin this year they have started by defeating Tasmania by an innings and 59 runs.

So, after reading all of that dribble why don’t I just tell you the team?

In the Bulls squad, 9 players have had an International Cap and to show the depth of the team, not all of them played last week against the Tigers.

So for the opening Batsman for Queensland are:

Bryce Street, a relative no-name in Aussie Cricket, but at just 22 Years of Age, and having played only 8 first class matches, he has scored 2 50’s and 2 100’s. A bright start to a career that at the moment seems like will last for a long time.

The second opener is, Joe Burns.

Obviously ‘The Team Weirdo’ but also a great fundamental batsman who has held steady for Queensland for almost 10 years and also a man who was recently recalled to the Aussie test team. Burnsy, has played 21 tests for Australia at an average of 40.10 with 6 50’s and 4 100’s. He is particularly strong at home in the GABBA and to add to this he is a strong fieldsman too.

So with this strong foundation of two steady opening batsman, the middle order is also at a test level.

At first drop, we have the sweetheart of Australian Cricket, Marnus Loose Bus Change.

At 26 years of age, his record speaks for itself.

14 tests. Average of 63.43. 4 100’s. 8 50’s.

He at the moment is the form batsman of not only the test team but the Bulls team as well, having scored 167 in the first match of the season.

Also, runner up for the title of ‘team weirdo’.

Next up, the calibre of player doesn’t drop as Usman Khawaja bats 4 for the Bulls.

The man has been a certified staple of the Australian test team for many years and to some has been quite unlucky in his treatment.

Despite this, he has still been able to make a fairly solid career out of is opportunities having played in 44 tests whilst averaging 40.66 and scoring 8 100’s and 14 50’s.

It is no secret that he has had a tumultuous career and this was in part a reason as to why he moved from NSW to QLD in 2012, and as captain now he has cemented himself as a leader for not only the Bulls but also in the Aussie team.

I know he has been dropped, but I’m sure he will be back in the team at some point to show off the potential he has.

After the Captain comes another former Test player, one who I’m also sure will make his way back into the team. This being, Matthew Renshaw.

Renners was dropped from the Aussie team in 2019 and has since gone on a period of soul searching. He came into the team as a 20 year old man, and now in 2020 as a 24 year old he and his game have matured.

In his test career thus far he has played 11 matches, averaging 33.47, having scored 1 100 and 3 50’s.

Certainly not a standout but as I’ve previously said he was a very young man when he made his debut.

He remains one of the countries brightest batting prospects and has started the season well, scoring 48 before being run out in the first game of the season.

Next up is Keeper Jimmy Peirson.

He is by no stretch a standout player at all, but a solid batsman who has the ability to perform at a high level but at times lacks the consistency to do so.

He has started the season strong though, with a 62 run performance.

After Peirson we move onto the bowlers.

Jack Wildermouth is probably classed as an All-rounder but is stronger with the ball in his hand.

He is also another one of the players with an International Appearance as he played 2 T20Is in 2018.

In his first class career he has 92 Wickets at an average of 30.17, he also has the potential to smack the ball around having scored 2 100’s.

Next is a man who genuinely deserved to be the Australian All Rounder ahead of Mitch Marsh for years upon years.

Michael Neser.

It is a travesty that he only has played 2 ODIs for Australia.

In the latest game against Tasmania Neser had a blinder.

He scored 121 Runs with the Bat and also took 5 wickets in the first innings.

Neser has been hanging around in the Australia A side for years and its truly a shame that he unfortunately has had to contend with the likes of Cummins, Starc, Hazlewood and Pattinson. Whilst also dealing with the selector’s fixation on the Marsh Brothers.

Next into Bat is Mark Steketee.

Now I have to admit, my opinion of this man is completely biased.

To many Steketee is at best an average Cricketer and doesn’t necessarily have the potential to be the biggest star in Aussie Cricket.