Queensland Premier Rugby Off-Season Movers & Shakers

Pre-season training has all resumed and the QPR season is not far off.

I actually couldn't find a start for it, I quickly Google'd it but I'm a poor excuse for a journalist and gave up on it fairly quickly.

Nonetheless, you'd think there'd be some trial maybe late February / early March - something like that?

Like every year, there's been some moves over the off-season, I am sure there's more that I've missed.

There's always the third grader who thinks he's star that packs and up his bags and heads elsewhere, only to realise that he's still a third grader at his new club.

Here's some of the moves that have happened, let us know what I've missed.

Kalani Thomas has bid farewell to Souths and linked up with Mick Heenan and the students at UQ. A good move for all concerned really, Thomas is the third string Reds halfback for season 2021, at least I think he's third in line and will benefit from the wisdom of coach Heenan and the opportunity to not only play Premier Grade but to also get behind a good pack.

Added to that UQ pack is former Brothers & NRC representative, Brad Kapa - not sure why but he's left Crosby Road and landed @ St Lucia.

The other young gun on the move from Souths is Lukas Ripley. Got a bit of time on the Premier Grade field in 2020 but he's apparently gone to Easts. He might want to play in the centres perhaps - who knows. Again, I haven't really asked anyone.

What else?

Speaking of Easts, they lost one of their halfbacks. Eli Pilz has a mortgage on the #9 jersey there so Phoenix Hunt has left and taken his talents north of the river to Brothers.

That's a good get for Brothers, they appeared a bit thin at halfback this year, Hunt will presumably get his chance to play out a season in Premier Grade - a win-win for club & player.

The other news from Brothers is the coaching staff, Brendan Gabbett who assisted there for a few years in the top grade has been bought back from GPS to take over as Head Coach and he's being mentored by former Reds & Wallabies boss, John Connolly.

Whilst we're on the coaches, Shane Arnold is back at Yoku Road as the head coach of GPS - another good move!

Meanwhile, Brothers have lost their mainstay @ 10 with Rohan Saifaloi heading back to NSW, that'll mean that Lawson Creighton has the opportunity to claim the flyhalf position when he's not in the Reds 23.

The big question is where Suliasi Vunivalu ends up, not that he'll play. He might rock up to a few junior clinics, take a few photos, kiss a few babies and that'll probably be it you'd think.

That's as far as I've got so far, maybe we call this Part 1 of the Queensland Premier Rugby Off-Season Movers & Shakers, let me know what I've missed and we can get it up online.

I've haven't heard too much about Bond, only whispers about what Wests were doing and Norths do good food trucks on a Friday night but not sure about their player movements for 2021.

We've got some time, there's plenty more to come.

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