Quade Cooper is breaking the internet with trick shots

118 starts for the Reds.

70 caps for Australia.

But perhaps QC's best work has been reserved for his Instagram account, particularly of late.

It's like when Kim K put that photo up of her arse on full display and it was shared, commented and liked by just about everyone in the world.

That's what Quade's doing - maybe a little less raunchy.

Now he's done it again.

Until our first Instagram account got shut down - which by the way, we're getting back - one of the videos we shared of Quade's rugby highlights from his schoolboy days was among our most viewed posts.

There has of course been the channeling of his inner Tom Brady with some ridiculous flick passes that have featured on Bleacher Report in the US.

Or the behind the back down @ Ballymore.

And my personal favourite, the flat torpedo into his poor old mate carrying a tray of coffees - that one wins!

We're starting a campaign to get Quade on a podcast with us, we love the bloke, if you can give us a hand - please holla.

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