QPR Premier Grade Preview

The big one.

I'm not going to lie, I have had a few drinks as I write this preview.

QPR's Grand Final, UQ versus Easts.

It's going to be interesting to see the crowd for this one, you'd think the Brothers faithful will embark on a mass exodus right after the Reserve Grade full-time siren has sounded.

That'll provide the UQ and Easts supporters with plenty of room to stretch their legs.

I hate to say it, I really do.

But it looks as if UQ just win again.

They did it last year, there seems to be no reason why they won't win another one in 2020.

Although we did see a few UQ teams choke today, hmmm....

But to be fair, Heenan's men are probably going better this year than they were last with some of their key players dropping back in from the Reds a little earlier in a COVID affected season.

In the major semi final a fortnight ago, UQ accounted for Easts fairly comfortably.

UQ skipping out to an early 20-3 lead and holding on for a fairly easy win, 37-19.

Easts then got the chocolates in an equally effortless display last week against Bond, so although UQ has clearly got the wood on the Tigers, both teams will go in with some confidence.

I'd love to be able to tip Easts here, mightily impressive last week, but we all know the Red Heavies are going to be tough to knock.

Nasser, Scott-Young & Campbell. Throw them back into a side that was already in the Top 2 prior to them coming back, makes it pretty difficult!

Although, I did hear a rumour that Scott-Young might be missing due to injury. That'd fuck em' a bit.

But regardless, you'd think it'll be UQ, winning another Hospital Challenge Cup and a 6th victory for coach Mick Heenan. Surely that has to be a record?

At this point in my Derby Day, I have no real analytical analysis to provide as to who will win or why, perhaps it's just UQ because they will score more points?

UQ by 14.

Anyways, off to go drink more piss. Enjoy your Premier Grade rugby this Sunday!

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