Potentially unpopular opinion - I like Eddie McGuire

The Eddie McGuire reign @ Collingwood is over.

Everyone is taking their shot.

I thought his parting address was outstanding.

If you look at the list of things McGuire and the Collingwood Football Club have achieved over the past 23 years - it's nothing short of impressive.

I won't delve into them all here, but he's overseen the growth of the Magpies organisation with great new facilities, commercially strong and plenty of community integration and awareness.

The Pies played in 5 grand finals in Eddie's time, but just the 1 premiership. No doubt he would have liked a lot more.

Is there systemic racism - I have no idea to be fair.

I think like Eddie pointed out in his press conference, every club, team & organisation could have done more over the past 10 years on that front.

Collingwood will be the first, Eddie's head is the first to roll and you'd be forgiven for thinking there will be more to follow across other clubs and sporting organisations.

But give me a President like Eddie McGuire any day of the week.

He's passionate - he loves his football club.

Better yet, I love the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeve and he more often than not got the job done.

He cares for his club, he cares for his community.

Is he perfect? No, but find me someone who is.

Eddie resigned yesterday, he wanted to finish on his own terms at the end of this season - sadly he wasn't afforded that opportunity.

I'll correct that, Eddie didn't resign - he was pushed.

There already has been and there no doubt will continue to be a wave of abuse levelled at Eddie McGuire - people have short memories.

It's the end of an era down @ Collingwood - some Magpies supporters will welcome the change but I think they might come to realise that the grass isn't any greener.

All the best Eddie - see you in the Hot Seat.

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