Perth Scorchers > Sydney Sixers

BBL final time - didn't that come around quick...

Not really.

No doubt the best two sides have made it to the big dance.

If you've followed our blogs on the BBL, then you're up on the punt and probably eating at some fancy restaurants.

I tipped the Perth Scorchers to win the comp at the start of the year so have to stay with them here.

Josh Philippe is a star - if the Scorchers let him get away it might be a long night but if they can snag him early, it's game on for Perth fans.

The Scorchers bowling line up is just so good and the top order batting has been ridiculous, they absolutely belted the Heat bowling attack the other night.

The Sixers have have won the season 2-1, including the prelim final the other night when James Vince went bonkers.

Andrew Tye slowed him down in a classic show of sportsmanship.

Given the dominant performance from the Sixers the other night, it seems strange that the Scorchers go into this as favourites, albeit there isn't much in it.

I won't be placing a bet because the long range ticket for the Scorchers to win the comp is still sitting pretty in the account.

The smart man, which is not often me, probably backs the Sixers in fact and hedges the bet - but that would be against my moral fibre as a human being.

Give the Scorchers strength!

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