Paul Gallen is earning how much tonight?

$400,000 or thereabouts for his fight with Mark Hunt.

You joking - that's pretty good coin.

You would presume most of QLD will tune in, in the hope that Gallen gets knocked out.

The betting markets have Hunt favourite @ $1.64, while Gal is $2.25 to get the job done.

I love watching boxing.

But I don't know much about it.

I couldn't tell you who wins.

Like most people, I'll either head down to the pub or try and siphon a free live stream off Facebook or something tonight.

We always knew Gallen would pursue boxing after retiring from rugby league, he tried to institute it as part of the sport in his playing days.

Remember this dust-up with Nate Myles?

Nate Myles just left his hands down and copped it!

I don't know if ticket sales were lacking yesterday, but the pre-fight weigh in was a bit of a spectacle with Hunt shoving Gallen and then throwing a wild haymaker which never really looked on target.

That was all a bit weird.

So Gal pockets a cool $400,000 for just stepping in the ring tonight - it's fairly good pay day for the big man.

For perspective, Gal was earning something in the vicinity of $800,000 per season at the height of his value with the Sharks - that figure could even more - it seems to have been fairly well concealed for some reason.

Mark Hunt is 46, he's going to earn a bit more than Gal, it's reported Hunt will pull in just over half a million for tonight's fight.

For those who don't know, I did some research. Hunt's career earnings from his time as a UFC fighter is somewhere around $6.5m - not bad going.

I got no idea who wins, but I am thinking about taking up boxing if they're earning that much!

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