Paul Crawley says Cameron Smith being labelled the GOAT is an 'insult' to the game

What a dickhead.

According to ‘leading NRL journalist’, Paul Crawley, any thought that Cameron Smith is the GOAT is ‘an insult to the game’.

What a douche.

He’s just lost all credibility.

According to Crawley, ‘Smith doesn’t put him on the edge of his seat when he plays’.

No shit.

Newsflash Paul, Smithy is a bloke who makes 50+ tackles a game, he’s a workhorse. His work from dummy half is clever beyond belief, so to his game management.

He's won four grand finals, 11 origin series, 2 world cups, 2 Dally M medals numerous other awards.

His longevity and ability to remain as one of the best in the game for so long is something to be revered.

He's without a doubt a future immortal.

What am I missing?

The debate on who is the GOAT in any particular sport is always subjective, particularly in team sports.

But to dismiss Smith from the conversation and label it an insult to the game just tells us that Paul Crawley is not very bright.

Perhaps this was just some sound bite / click bait stuff that NRL360 and FoxSports wanted to throw out there.

If that’s the case, then I’ve just taken the bait in a big way!

But Paul, seriously, don’t make stupid comments, you’re on live TV.

Cameron Smith is clearly in the conversation as among the best in the history of the game, surely you can’t dispute that?

Anyways, I am sure Paul is a lovely guy and is entitled to his opinion.

Sadly, he is wrong.

Rant over.


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