Part 2 of Cam Munster = GOAT / Legend Status

Hi, me again.

So last week I said that Cam Munster had reached GOAT / Legend status.

That was in light of Munster calling Mal Meninga and asking if he could be granted an extra 24-48 hours to continue celebrating the Storm's grand final in Byron Bay.

Obviously the request was swiftly declined, but it made for a good story.

You can read about that ode to Cam Munster here.

Now, we've got an update for you on that article.

I am sure you all watched the Maroon's win on Wednesday night, and what a victory it was!

Skipper Daly Cherry-Evans got awarded man of the match, but to my eye, Cam Munster was the best for the QLD'ers.

So that article last week, sure, it was meant to be a little bit funny and get you all smiling, but the reality is that Cam Munster is a seriously good footy player.

Just in case you didn't know.

The off-field antics are funny and endearing - at least to a guy like me - but what Munster did on the field on Wednesday night was simply outstanding.

FoxSports gave him a 7.5 for his game. Stevie Wonder must be working for them, he was deserving of something more like a 9 or higher.

The try off the turnover when he bumped off Damien Cook was icing on the cake, prior to that, Munster had been dancing around the NSW defense and getting his shoulders through the defense line at will, as we've become accustomed to now.

The scary bit, particularly for NSW fans, is that Cam Munster is just 26 years of age. Yes that's right, he's got 2 premierships and he's only 26, you'd think he's still got a good 8-10 years of playing at this sort of level.

Wednesday night was his 8th origin appearance, you'd think he'll end up playing something like 30 or more, like so many of the greats of the game do.

To sum up, the guy loves to drink and have a good time and to cap it off, is clearly one of the best players in the comp.

No wonder we love him!

If you're a Melbourne Storm fan, you're pretty content with yourself knowing that this bloke will likely be around for the next decade, he's contracted through to the end of 2023 at the very least.

Cam Munster activated GOAT / Legend status for being a bit of a piss head, we had some fun with that, but reality is, he's a bloody good footballer.

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