Panic buying is back


You relentless son of a bitch.

Brisbane plunges back into a snap 3-day lockdown.

What happens with the sporting teams?

I think the Brisbane Lions are still trapped in Melbourne? Surely the game this week @ the Gabba versus Collingwood would be in jeopardy.

Smarter to play it in Melbourne you'd think.

The Broncos play in Melbourne against the Storm.


The aggregate score in two matches last year between the Broncos & Storm was 86-12.

So, should we just forfeit?

COVID gives us a nice excuse.

Otherwise that one might be nasty, very nasty. I mean, I'll stay optimistic but jeez we look a bit outclassed.

The Reds have sent down some extra artillery into Sydney, they're on the road again this week, taking on the Rebels.

That'll be a good one in Melbourne, the Rebels aren't hopeless.

In summary, looks like all three teams will be playing in Victoria this weekend.

No doubt the shopping centres will be filled with calm people today that are running around like it's armageddon and stock piling their trollies full of toilet paper.

Panic buying - isn't it just the greatest.

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