Ode to Kevvie

Kevin David Walters.

287 First Grade Games, 237 of those for the Brisbane Broncos and 50 for the Canberra Raiders.

6 premierships across his 14-year playing career, decent strike rate!

Throw in 23 appearances for the Maroons and 11 for his country.

He's coached in the English Super League, assisted Craig Bellamy in Melbourne, Wayne Bennett in Brisbane and coached QLD for the past 4 years, winning the series in 2016 & 2017.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Fair apprenticeship, hey?

Reality is that given the disaster of the year the Broncos have had, there was only ever going to be one man that they could possibly appoint to the top job for 2021. It was Kevvie, of course it was.

We need someone who can unite the club, not only the current players, but the fans, sponsors, old boys; everyone!

Remember, the Broncos chose Anthony Seibold just two years ago instead of Kevvie, at the time, we thought it might have been Walters' time to take over the top job, now there's no doubt it's his moment.

I probably knew it before, but the thing that really solidified in my mind that Kevvie was the right man for the job, was in his interview with King Wally last night.

It's pretty clear Kevvie loves the place, huh? How's the passion.

He's the guy that can bring everyone together, the fans are absolutely going to love him, they already do.

There's something so sincere, so genuine, so loving about Kevin Walters, you can't help but want to be in his corner. As a player, I am sure you'd want to play for him.

It's sort of like he's been the underdog, he's been patient, he's worked hard and now he's got his opportunity at his dream job.

It's a wonderful story, a great narrative.

Let's be clear, the Broncos just won a wooden spoon. The richest and most well supported club in all of rugby league, got the spoon. Has it sunk in yet?

Kevvie has a job in front of him, there's no doubt about it. But the rumours are strong that he'll have quite the supporting cast around him in 2022, if Bellyache agrees to the whopping deal that he's reportedly been offered.

Bellyache as a 'Football Manager' type role and Kevvie as the Head Coach, that's a pretty tidy recipe to get the Broncos back on top.

One things for sure, Kevin Walters will give it his all, he'll develop young talent, both on and off the field, he'll unite the club, he'll reinvigorate the fan base and he'll do it all with a smile on his face.

With one appointment it seems, the Broncos have begun to turn it all around. It would be poor form to put too many expectations on Kevvie and his men for 2021, but one thing is for sure, they'll be giving it their all.

We love ya Kevvie and we're going to be right behind you!


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