Nudgee Golf Club - Course Review

We've all driven past Nudgee Golf Club on the Gateway Motorway. If you're heading north, you might have stopped in to grab some petrol, or if you're like me, perhaps you get a burger.

If you're heading south, you might have pulled in and played Nudgee at some point in your life, it's always been a very accessible public course.

Now I must declare that when I played at Nudgee about 5 weeks ago, there was a lot of earthmoving equipment all around the site. The course is currently in the middle of huge redevelopment, I got told somewhere in the vicinity of $20m or more has been spent!

So the course as it stood, was a combination of existing holes, temporary holes and then a number of new holes that have recently been built.

Let's focus on those new holes because by the time millions of readers from around the world read this review across many years, the Nudgee layout will be complete and it will be bloody nice!

Based on what I saw, if it wasn't beforehand, I think it'd be pretty safe to say that Nudgee Golf Club will quickly ascend to being one of Brisbane's most popular courses.

Visually stunning and a great test of golf.

The new holes that I got to experience are immaculate. Fairways are beautiful, bunkers are fluffy and deep and the undulations in the greens puts a lot of emphasis on your approach shots!

The greens are so good, it really gives you a resort style feel, soft in condition, yet very fast. You get that?

I believe they're building 36 holes as part of this redevelopment and I'm told the window for becoming a member is closing. If the new holes I played are any indication, I doubt it'll be long before Nudgee is at capacity.

Regular readers will know that I normally give a score out of 10, I am going to reserve judgement on Nudgee for now and head back once the redevelopment is complete.

I think it could be something special.


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