NRL Week 14


State of origin.

No further comment.

Back to the NRL.

The Storm really cost us our cash last week.

Breaks your heart doesn't it.

No game Thursday with Origin on last night. Who backs up from origin and who doesn't?

That's the big question.

Manly and the Cowboys, you'd think Manly if fit and firing are too good for the early game on Friday night. Tommy Turbo is apparently out but Jake Trbojevic and DCE back up and that should be enough and we should be 1 from 1 on the tips.

Cronulla have had a good week on the signings front and chat they might get Mitch Pearce as well, it's all happening!

Unfortunately they have Penrith to contend with on Friday night. I don't care if zero of the players back up from origin, in fact I think not many are suiting up but Penrith will be winning this and they're getting out to a nice price.

Something tells me the Titans might be a shot against the Roosters.

Why am I thinking that? They haven't been very good lately.

Maybe Titans with the 11.5 start and then it'll be the Bunnies smashing the Knights.

Raiders and Broncos?

Wowee, a case of who's got less issues.

Karmichael Hunt is back for the mighty Broncos, poor old Jamayne Isaako has been dropped after a horror show last week.

Who knows here, maybe heart over head. Or maybe head thinks Broncos will win as well. Canberra have been starting games well and then shitting the bed badly, maybe the Broncos get the lift the need from Karmichael. Let's hope so, Broncos @ $3, why not!

Two games for your hungover Sunday.

Storm are offensively short favourites against the Warriors, you wouldn't think Munster or Grant will back up regardless of their health and Christian Welch will be out as well. Maybe the Warriors with a 14.5 start @ $1.90? That might be the go.

Eels & Tigers? Eels pretty good last week unfortunately and then on Monday, yes Monday for the public holiday, the Dragons should beat the Bulldogs fairly comprehensively you'd think.

We need a win for the ol' betting account.

Starting Balance = $100

Current Balance = $21

$100 multi: Penrith, Souths 13+ & Warriors +14.5 @ $4.59.

Go Broncos.

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