• Kane Doyle

NFL Draft Preview

Updated: Apr 30

With the 2021 NFL Draft commencing shortly, it's timely to discuss just how much cabbage these guys will get paid.

These athletes have waited (and trained) for this moment their entire life. These guys are the absolute top 0.01% of the millions upon millions of players that one day want to make the NFL, except, they actually make it, and get paid for it.

Typically the first round picks get handed a golden handshake on the day, even though it will take a few days to finalise a contract with their new team. Someone like Trevor Lawrence (likely to be picked #1 by Jaguars), will sign a contract around $40m over 40 years - FULLY GUARANTEED. Which means he could get hurt at training and not play a single game, and still get paid.

Lets take a look at the top 5 picks from last year and the contract they eventually signed with the team that selected them.

#5 Miami Dolphins, QB Tua Tagovailoa: $30.2 million for four years (fully guaranteed).

#4 New York Giants, OT Andrew Thomas: $32.245 million for four years (fully guaranteed)

#3 Detroit Lions, CB Jeff Okudah: $33.5 million for four years (fully guaranteed)

#2 Washington Football Team, EDGE Chase Young: $34.6 million for four years (fully guaranteed)

#1 Cincinnati Bengals, QB Joe Burrow: $36 million for four years (fully guaranteed)

Typically, as the draft rounds go on and the picks get larger, the signing salary reduces. Even if someone gets selected and doesn't make the starting team, they can sign to a practice squad and get paid US$8,100 a week (at a minimum).

Not bad coin for a guy that will train most days and then be feet up for game-day Sunday.

Happy to sign up to that gig.

Enjoy the draft and hopefully a few fellow Aussie punters get picked up in the later rounds (they can still sign up to US$2.5m/year to kick a pig skin. Again, sign me up).

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