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Updated: May 7, 2021

You farken beauty.

Kotoni Staggs is back for another 4 years.

What a roller coaster day for the club.

Xavier Coates reportedly set to head south to the link up with the Storm and then a few hours later, we get the news that Kotoni Staggs has re-signed for 4 years.

He's staying in Brisbane until at least 2025.


It was reported earlier in the week that one of his stipulations would be ensuring that Brisbane found a quality halfback.

It has to be Adam Reynolds.

Apparently he toured the facilities or is going to in the next few days.

Any truth to that rumour?

The spine for the Broncos really is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Sadly it's a pretty significant and important piece.

Isaako is improving and Turpin has a big future, so in reality, we're really just missing those two key positions, #6 & #7.

So that'll be Kotoni in the #6 jersey when he returns and let's hope it's Reynolds that comes up and dons the #7 jersey.

He may well get the captaincy as well.

The forward pack is good, we might lose Matt Lodge due to the salary cap but we're still good, very good in fact.

Kotoni Staggs is A grade - obviously.

This is such a massive win.

Remember when he fended Josh Mansour in the face, it was probably one of the best plays in the history of rugby league.

Staggs re-signing does wonders for the club, on and off the field.

It's put some faith back in the place for supporters.

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