November, and still no sport in Melbourne

And December…and most of January too. Unless you’re one of the lucky 25,000 who manages to snag a ticket to the Boxing Day test. Won’t hold a grudge or anything…

The sporting capital of the world has had to watch on as the Tigers, the Stars, the Vixens and the Storm all win premierships and finals away from home, while also facing the reality that the Australian Open might be subject to delays.

While Melburnians can only dream of the Stars’ men’s team doing as well as the women did up in the hubs, we will be able to watch the men take the field at the MCG on the 15th of January.

And also the Renegades I guess, 2 days later.

Watching Adam Zampa take 2 wickets off the back of some beautiful bowling (and Glenn Maxwell taking the piss late in India’s innings) had me pining to watch the Stars on the G.

I say this as probably the only Hurricanes supporter in Melbourne.

The NBL could also throw us a lifeline, with the fixture for the 2020/21 season still not released despite the season supposedly starting in mid-January, as the WNBL players continue to adjust to hub life up in Mackay, Townsville and Cairns.

Wouldn’t mind a holiday up in the north of Queensland right about now, especially if it meant being able to attend some live sport. Go Boomers.

NBL owner Larry Kestelman has slated in December 3rd as the date for the fixture release, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets pushed back by this time tomorrow.

The AFLW fixture is in a similar limbo, with the season supposed to commence in early February but no fixture or even idea of how many rounds are supposed to be played in sight.

Melbourne captain Daisy Pearce spoke on SEN on Friday, saying the playing group has been told to ‘remain patient’.

Given that I’ve been told to remain patient by the Essendon Football Club for the past 15 years with still no finals wins in sight makes me think we’ll see a fixture by about 2035, if Gil McLachlan and Nicole Livingstone are feeling generous.

Thought considering the part-time nature of the AFLW competition, and with work and universities returning to on-site operation in Victoria, they’d maybe see it as more of a priority than it is.

This is the same organisation that didn’t finalise their cutting of list sizes until after the trade period though, so all notions of professionalism should probably be considered laughable at best.

We’re growing desperate in Victoria. We can only deal with watching sport from the couch for so much longer!

Guess it’ll be ammos cricket or nothing for a little while longer…

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