Novak just got defaulted

What just happened?!

Resounding favourite and 17-time grand slam champion Novak Djokovic was defaulted from his match with Pablo Carreno Busta after hitting a lineswoman with a stray ball that he hit in anger.

Here's the video, what do you think?

Djokovic trailed 6-5 in the first set prior to the incident. He pleaded his case with tournament officials but the decision stood, Djokovic is out of the tournament and with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal not in the draw already, it just opened up big time.

That's if anyone is watching the US Open.

You might look at that video and think Djokovic has been hard done by, it does look quite innocent. Unfortunately for the Joker, this is what happens in tennis, you simply can not do it and there is a precedent for defaulting players who hit linesman, even if it is accidental.

The other thing is that the lineswoman that was hit, she had to be helped off the court and had trouble breathing after the ball that Djokovic hit towards her, struck her in the throat.

Now it doesn't seem too harsh?

If you were one of the poor people who had thrown Djokovic to win his Round of 16 match in a multi to fatten up the odds, thinking it was a foregone conclusion, then I truely feel for you. Other than that, I am a Roger Federer fan who has 20 grand slam titles, 3 more than Novak. I don't want the Fed Express to be overtaken, so I don't mind Novak getting defaulted!

I wonder what the reaction would have been had the fans been in the stadium? I reckon Novak would have been showered with abuse. You can't do it, albeit I am sure there was no real intent.

Who wins the US Open now? Oh how the betting markets will change. I think as I write this, betting has been suspended as bookmakers scurry to install a new favourite. Maybe it's Daniil Medvedev's time? Or better yet, could it be Aussie Alex De Minaur who plays his Round 4 match early tomorrow morning?

What a wild morning!


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