Not my finest hour on Twitter

For the horse racing fans out there, yesterday wasn't like any other normal Monday.

Yesterday was both the Canberra Cup & Adelaide Cup, as well as number of excellent support races around the country.

Quality racing.

I had just the 1 bet on the day, it was in the Adelaide Cup - the favourite, Tralee Rose.

I'd been with it through it's last 6 starts, so the horse owes me nothing and I'd even given thought to having a long range bet on it to win the Melbourne Cup.

So I took to Twitter to stick my neck out and make a bold declaration.

Well, if you didn't see the race, here's the concluding stages.

Tralee Rose is in the green colours coming down the outside, fairly slowly might I add - you can actually barely see her until they go over the line.

Yep, that's her running 4th.

Tralee Rose jump around $1.90 and didn't even run a drum after having every chance in the world - don't I look like a dickhead now.

I declared it.


The horse did pull up with a slow recovery so there was grounds for some excuses, but that's not going to save me.

I tagged the Get On boys in the Tweet as well, they had some fun with it on Twitter and presume they might even use it as some fodder for their show this week.

Suffice to say I am thankful that Harry and Meghan were commanding the Twitter spotlight last night.

While we're on the topic - fuck it's been a rough trot for punters, Lunar Fox got up, Nature Strip got nosed out of it, Bivouac was poor, September Run, Aegon, the list goes on!

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