King Kyrgios- Love him or hate him?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Simple answer, love him. Here's why.

He's the bad boy of Australian tennis, in fact, Australian Sport. Love him or hate him, Nick Kygrios is seriously entertaining and his brief career has already had a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.

He's known for his wicked haircuts, his short temper and his flamboyant style of play, but there's certainly no doubting that Kyrgios has the skills to match it with the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. Krygios is currently ranked 40th in the world, the second highest Australian male player behind his little buddy, Alex De Minaur. Krygios at age 25, is a 6-time winner on the ATP Tour and has been a quarterfinalist at both Wimbledon and the Australian Open and has had his ranking as high as 13 on the ATP World Rankings. The bloke can play!

Nick Kyrgios at his best (Video credit: TennisTV)

Away from Tennis, Krygios has unconditional love for Basketball, he likes to party and doesn't mind a drink or two, pretty regulation sort of stuff for a young bloke at age 25, right? He's been criticised for not training as diligently as perhaps he should and he's prone to an odd stoush with journalists. Put simply, Nick Kyrgios is not a model citizen and there's probably good reason to not pin the 'role model' tag on him for young kids to look up to, but I think everyone's entitled to mistakes and for someone like Kyrgios, who is under constant scrutiny and someone who has grown up in front of the world, he's allowed to make mistakes and he should be given time to mature.

Let's rewind back to January this year, jeez what a year it has been. The COVID pandemic seems to have masked the devastation of the bushfires that destroyed huge parts of the eastern seaboard, the heartbreak for thousands of Australian's was hard to fathom, in fact it still is and people needed help and they still do. What did Kyrgios do? He started an absolute avalanche of sports stars and other celebrities to dip into his own pocket and support those in need. It was Kyrgios that got that movement started with a donation for every ace in the Australian summer of tennis. It was a side to Krygios that we hadn't seen, it was a soft, gentle and compassionate side that showed his normal emotion except this time it was not a smashed racquet, it was a wonderful glimpse of human spirit.

Then there was COVID, just about every single person in the world has been impacted. What did Kyrgios do? He posted on Instagram and offered to help anyone that he could with food and general supplies. Again, using his platform and identity for the greater good. Let's focus on that, let's celebrate that side of the man, I'm happy to cop the odd tantrum from time to time.

The majority of media portrayals will paint a negative picture of Nick Kyrgios. I'm not saying he is perfect, but if nothing else he's a breath of fresh air. He's an entertainer, he puts bums on seats wherever he goes but just like the American's did with McEnroe, the collective love for Nick Kyrgios will continue to grow and hopefully one day, not too far from now, we're cheering him on in an Australian Open Final on Rod Laver Arena.

Nick, if you're listening, keep being you, it's a great watch!


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