NFLs most valuable teams (hint: they are farken loaded)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

It’s no surprise that an NFL franchise is valued in the billions when they are signing star players to contracts that are worth tens of millions per year.

So, how much are these gridiron folk actually worth? According to Forbes, the average NFL team is worth around US$3bn. Aka - a shit load. Even someone like the NY Giants, an absolute squadron of garbage players (excluding Saquon Barkley), is worth US$4.3bn. That’s right, a team that barely manages to win 4 games a season is worth that sort of coin.

How do these teams make their money you might ask? In many many ways. From sponsorship and advertising deals (Verizon Wireless reportedly pay US$300m/year), stadium rights, ticket sales, jersey sales and every single piece of merch that has a team logo on it - they are taking a decent clip.

The bigger and more well known a team, the better. Hence why the Dallas Cowboys are at #1. Outside of their ridiculous valuation of US$5.7bn, they don’t bring much to the table. I guess that’s why they are called “America’s team”.

Last season, on average, NFL franchises posted US$477 million of revenue, and generated US$109 million of operating income per team, dominating the NBA (US$70 million), MLB (US$50 million) and the NHL (US$25 million).

That’s a whole lot of dosh. Here’s the top 10 most valuable NFL franchises:

#1 Dallas Cowboys - US$5.7bn

#2 New England Patriots - US$4.4bn

#3 New York Giants - US$4.3bn

#4 Los Angeles Rams - US$4.0bn

#5 San Francisco 49ers - US$3.8bn

#6 New York Jets - US$3.55bn

#7 Chicago Bears - US$3.625bn

#8 Washington Football Team - US$3.525bn

#9 Philadelphia Eagles - US$3.4bn

#10 Houston Texans - US$3.3bn

For comparison, apparently the Broncos are worth a cool $49m. Not sure how long that will last the way they are playing.

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