• Kane Doyle

NFL's money bags making us all look poor

It quickly becomes pretty bloody depressing when news breaks of the latest NFL players signing new contracts. None more upsetting than the recent contract Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes recently signed: $450m over 10 years. F*cking insane.

In the NFL, the absolute top 0.001% (almost always quarterbacks) sign bloody enormous contracts. But unlike other sports, NFL contracts and the money you see reported are rarely guaranteed, and few players see all of the money in those large contracts (due to injury and missing games or performance measures like TDs thrown or games won). Let’s take a look at the “money bags” players of the NFL. I have ranked the top 10 average annual salary players in the NFL for the upcoming 2021 season:

#1 Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City QB: US$45,000,000

#2 Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys QB: US$40,000,000

#3 Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans QB: US$39,000,000

#4 Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks QB: US$35,000,000

#5 Aaron Rodgers, Greenbay Packers QB: US$33,500,000

#6 Jarred Goff, Detroit Lions QB: US$33,500,000

#7 Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings QB: US$33,000,000

#8 Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts QB: US$32,000,000

#9 Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons QB: US$30,000,000

#10 Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans QB: US$29,500,000 For context, each of these guys will play 16 games over 17 weeks. So for someone like Mahomes, he will earn over US$2.81m a game.

Decent chunk of coin for a 25 year old!

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