My Friday & Saturday night multis

Fuck me.

Long weekend, feeling festive and I've dished up the worst punting performance perhaps of all-time.

Friday night both the Broncos & Reds played.

My two teams.

They played at the same time, could someone talk to the big wigs about the scheduling please? It made it very hard to watch both games.

Albeit I didn't really want to watch the slaughter of the Broncos.

I tipped Brisbane and took them with a 12.5 start.

That was horrific, Broncos lose by 40.


Reds looked in control but then those pesky blokes from Perth kept coming at them and booked a spot in next week's qualifying final.

I had Reds winning 13+

Good punting.

Then Saturday night I settled in for the double header in the league.

Looked a pretty straightforward multi.

Sharks 13+ into Raiders 13+

I thought for sure that Ricky's men would respond after being put on notice during the week and Sticky wielding the axe.

Dear oh dear.

Bulldogs pull out a famous victory, their first in about 17 years and Trent Barrett got very emotional and rightly so.

So the multi was done by then and when the Raiders led 24-6 just prior to half-time up in Townsville, I was thinking they were going to win by a considerable margin, maybe something like the 40 points the Eels put on the Broncos.

The left edge for Canberra seemed to be sizzling.

Then the Cowboys score 20 unanswered and the Raiders shit the bed in a big way.

Ahhhh, fuck.

Three games today and racing right around the country on this ANZAC Day, I won't be touching any of it.

Enjoy your Anzac Day.

Lest we forget.

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