• Kane Doyle

Multi that probably won't come off - Episode 2

Well, we certainly learned our lesson last week: never, ever bet on the Warriors. F*ck they have caused us some misery over the years.

Anyways, onwards and upwards.

Episode 2 of "Multi that probably won't come off" is a tough one.

A few really tight match-ups this week, but here's a crack at turning a lazy $20 into something more meaningful.

Penrith Panthers -14.5: $1.23

South Sydney Rabbitohs -4.5: $1.20

Nth QLD Cowboys: $1.45

Richmond Tigers: $1.45

Western Bulldogs -18.5: $1.30

Sydney Swans: $1.46

$5.28, power play into $6.28

(Odds as at 10:30am Wednesday, 14 April)

Best of luck punters.

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