Multi that probably won't come off - Episode 1

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

With a bit of BS luck the last few weeks with some six-plus leg multis, the IF boss thought it would be good to start a new weekly edition.

We’re going to call it the MULTI THAT PROBABLY WON'T COME OFF because we can’t be f*cked trying to get creative and it’s likely the truest of statements.

Good luck punters and let me know if you’ve got any absolute belter 6+ leg multis, anything less is just sub par behaviour ;)

Week commencing 5 April 2021;

Rabbitohs -12.5: $1.34

Warriors: $1.41

Storm -12.5: $1.20

Eels: $1.28

Syd Swans: $1.28

West Coast Eagles: $1.36

Rebels $1.27

Adelaide Crows: $1.33

= $7.75. power play that f*cker up to $8.36 and throw on a cheeky lobster!

Until next week...

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