Mitch Starc almost got his first 100

So a couple of things.

Firstly, NSW got skittled for just 64 in the first innings of their Sheffield Shield match against Tasmania.

What did they do in the second innings? 6-522 declared.

Fair contrast!

It's the 'declared' part that created most interest.

Sean Abbott had just raised his bat for a century, joining Moses Henriques and Nick Larkin as century makers in the big total, but captain Peter Nevill left big quick Mitch Starc absolutely stranded!

For context, Starc has never made a first-class century! Zero, nothing!

We all know he can play, but he's normally filling the role of belting some quick runs towards the end of the innings.

Starc was on 86, he'd obviously been seeing them like beach balls, but then the skipper called them in and declared the innings!

Starc wasn't happy!

The bat and gloves got tossed, Starc was clearly fairly pissed off by the decision of his skipper.

Surely you just give the guy a warning and let him know he's got 1-2 more overs to get the job done.

Perhaps they did that? Either way it is a bit rough@

I tell you what, you'd doubt the two had dinner together last night, that'd be an awkward one to deal with.

Peter Nevill - he might just be a bit of a jerk, who knows?

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