Milford Out, Langer In

What do the Broncos do with Anthony Milford? Not only is he playing terribly but he’s also taken up the additional 1 year option in his contract to stay on at Red Hill through until the end of 2021. The bloke is on $1m a year for crying out loud.

So, I don’t want to provide you with a problem and not give you a bloody good solution. So what about Alfie? Think 2001. Alfie is overseas playing for Warrington in the English Super League and Queensland were locked 1-all with the cockroaches and ravaged with injuries. Coming off a heavy Game 2 defeat, Wayne Bennett masterminded the return of the little general who guided QLD to a historic Game 3 win, putting it in State of Origin folk law.

Alfie, you little legend. Photo credit: Morning Bulletin

As league fans would know, in retirement, Alf became and still is the water runner for the Broncos and spends half the game on the field barking instructions. So why don’t we just bring him back and put him in the halves? Fuck they need something, at least he’d draw a capacity crowd (when we’re allowed) if nothing else. Then he’s nice and close to his favourite watering hole, The Caxton Hotel, where he could drink the night away, rip his shirt off and dance on the tables until the wee hours of the morning. Am I making sense?

Maybe not.

If that’s not the solution for the Broncos, then what is? Perhaps Milford gets a lifeline at fullback or maybe he’s going to the bench. But surely to goodness he doesn’t run out on to Suncorp Stadium this week with the 6 on his back, if anything, it might be 16. Let’s look at young Tom Dearden in the halves with Croft, maybe push Milford back to fullback and Jamayne Isaako to the wing.

Joey Johns was fairly scathing in his assessment of the Broncos attack, if you can call it that, of late. He makes the dumb man smarter when he talks rugby league does Johns, pressure is on Seibold to get it right. Milford needs to be in a position that gives him the freedom to run off a Fifita, Haas or Pangai Junior (when he’s not suspended), the Milf is not your organiser, stop trying to make him do it, just stop it.

Sadly he’s not alone in the 'out-of-form' category for the Broncos who play the Titans this week with 10,000 allowed at Suncorp Stadium for the first time in a long while, it would be embarrassing to think they might not even get that many? They couldn’t win a meat tray at the moment the Broncos, let’s hope there’s some changes this week or if not, bring back Alf and let’s just get on the drink.


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