Melo back to New York, CP3 to join?

So rumour has it that Carmelo Anthony might be heading back to the Big Apple, New York City.

Carmelo was previously a knick from 2011-2017.

Melo’s time in New York was box office stuff, he was the headline act, carrying the Knicks to the playoffs in 2013.

I personally got the opportunity to sit inside Madison Square Garden in 2016 and watch Carmelo do his thing, albeit for a struggling Knicks side, against Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder.

But if a 36-year old Anthony returned to New York, would it change their recent fortunes?

Sadly, you’d think not.

However, not only are the Knicks rumoured to be in the market for Carmelo, but his good mate Chris Paul might be joining him as well.

Anthony & Paul have never hidden their desire to want to play together at some point in their careers, you’d think as their window closes and retirement draws closer, this may be their last opportunity to tick that box.

Now with Paul and Anthony, do the Knicks become competitive?

Well, again, probably not.

What pieces would they put around them?

If the rumours are true, Julius Randle and Kevin Knox might be involved in a trade involving CP3.

What does that leave them with?

To be fair, not much.

Experience in Taj Gibson, but outside of that it is a young brigade.

They do welcome great experience in new head coach, Tom Thibodeau, he’ll have his work cut out getting this side back to being competitive at a time when New York City needs something to cheer about.

Melo is reportedly very happy in his new home of Portland, but to me, it would be fitting for him to see his time out in New York, alongside his mate Chris Paul and surrounded by a host of young talent.


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