Make it stop

Seriously, watch the recap of this game below. I would call it highlights but if you're a Brisbane fan, it is not that, it is a tough watch.

What do we talk about first? Is it Darius Boyd, yet again in no man's land defensively, allowing the Tigers to score on the right edge for the first try of the night? Or perhaps we could point reference to two mid-field bombs that were put up and left to bounce by the Broncos, both resulting in tries to the Tigers. Or maybe, it is the most pathetic attempt, in fact, it wasn't even an attempt at tackling from Brodie Croft. He just let Luciano Leilua go straight through to the try line. Now, would have he stopped such a big man at momentum that close to the line? Maybe not, but have a f#%king crack.

No heart. No resilience. No will to win or even compete.

The Broncos have plenty of issues. It seems to be a mix of experienced players that appear to not give a shit, young players who are not up to NRL level just yet and no one within the ranks to help guide them through their formative professional years. They have a coach that seems to complicate the game and surely by now has lost the support of the playing group, they have nearly half the roster unavailable due to injury and oh, yeah, next week they have the Melbourne Storm.

That's not it, it emerged on Sunday morning that the Broncos board had given coach Seibold an ultimatum that he must win 5 of his last 10 to save his position. Couple of things on that, at this rate they will be lucky to win even 1 of those final 10 games, but probably more concerning, in what world do we live where a board gives the senior coach a KPI such as that and makes it public? Phil Gould said it well on Sunday morning, the Broncos either back Seibold or they let him go.

What does the 'let him go' picture look like? Seibold is on a 5-year contract, 3 years remaining after this season. Who knows what performance measures are in place to diminish the risk to the Broncos in case of something like this happening, but you could only imagine that the payout to Seibold would be significant should he fall on his sword.

So what happens then? Surely the people, most notably CEO Paul White, who put Seibold in the position can't continue in their roles either? It might take someone like Gus Gould himself to come in and do an independent review to understand how the Broncos got in this position, because at some point they will re-build and you wouldn't want this happening again.

For now, the attitude and intent of the players is a disgrace. If you get out-skilled, sometimes it is beyond your control, but never get out-worked. There are a lot of people earning good money who can't even attempt to make a tackle. Do you blame the coach? Probably, the people at the top should always be accountable.

Tip for the Storm vs Broncos this week? Storm by 4. I think they'll rest their whole side.