Imagine rocking up for your local club team, perhaps you might have had a few quiet schooners the night before and you're warming up in the nets.

You're rolling the arm over, getting the back nice and loose and out of his car hops Chris Lynn.

That's what happened on Sunday @ Toombul.

They almost had to shut down the train line adjacent to the cricket ground for fear that Lynn's six hitting might endanger the lives of commuters.

You probably saw it, in case you didn't. Here's a snippet of his innings.

Some of the purest hitting you'll ever see, I am reliably informed the umpire has since been to the physio for a sore neck.

154 off 55 balls for Lynny.

Just a lazy 20 sixes in that innings, I've done the maths and that's a six every 2.75 balls of his innings. Crikey.

Toombul put together 8/266 from their 20 overs against the Sunshine Coast in the QLD Premier Cricket T20 fixture, that would have been such a long drive home for the boys from the Sunny Coast.

Surely they would have stopped at the Maccas at Burpengary on the way home to cheer themselves up after that.

But if you're a Brisbane Heat fan, then you got pretty bloody excited seeing Lynn dust of the cobwebs in style after quarantining.

We've of course lost one half of the Bash Brothers and there's no AB De Villiers this year for the Heat, but as long as Lynnsanity is around, you can bet your bottom dollar the stands will be filled and the Heat are a big threat.

For the record, the Sunshine Coast boys actually put up an almighty effort in their reply, 7/248, falling just 19 runs short of victory.

That score would fair dinkum win just about every other game of T20 cricket in the world, just not when Chris Lynn goes berserk I suppose.

Could the Big Bash start already?!

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