Long range Melbourne Cup bet

Might be getting a little bit ahead of myself, but there's a horse @ $26 that is progressing through the grades in some sort of style.

Prince of Arran - a personal favourite of mine - he's the current $15 favourite for the Cup this year, but I've just had a little flutter on Tralee Rose.

You can get $26 at the moment with some bookamkers, might be a nice price.

Did you see her win on the weekend?



That backs up another stunning win @ Flemington in the Bagot Handicap a few months ago.

Granted, the horses she's beaten in the last two races wouldn't be sighted in a Melbourne Cup, but all you can do is win and she seemingly did that in 2nd gear, maybe 3rd on the weekend.

There's plenty of water to go under the bridge yet before we get to the Cup so I'll just be backing this lightly for now, but @ $26 - it's worth a cheeky little ticket.

I think this horse can only keep improving!

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