LeBron James is the Stepdad you hate for no reason – You just don’t want to admit it

Yes, you read that right.

What if your mum came home one day and told you that she had just divorced your Dad?

You’d be pretty shocked right?

Now imagine if just a week later she walked in with 6ft 9in, 113kg LeBron James and told you that he was now your stepdad?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you would probably hate him. How could he replace the Dad you grew up to love so soon?

Despite all of this, it wouldn’t necessarily make him a bad person though, right?

He could be the best bloke you have ever met, but you would still have a strong dislike towards him.

Let me explain.

The 2020 NBA playoffs have just begun and we are about 4 games in for each series, yet here we are with the same keyboard warriors doubting the King for some reason?

But why?

It can’t be because of the way he has played this season?

LeBron has averaged 25 points, 7.8 rebounds and 10.2 assists across the 67 games he has played in 2020 and it is that 10.2 that is most impressive.

In Year 17 that is his career high in assists adding credence to the fact that he could have played PG his whole career and been the best one we have ever seen. After years of flirting with this “Point-Bron” alter-ego in Cleveland he finally has the teammates around him who he can rely on to consistently make shots. It’s pretty simple really, the Lakers offence does not follow a certain style or system because LeBron is the system.

You can hate that all you want but I would argue that he is the greatest basketball mind in the history of the game. Magic was incredible and Chris Paul sees passes that just shouldn’t be possible, but LeBron, he knows what you are going to do before you do.

A story that I love to refer to when looking at this is one from Iman Shumpert. He of course played with the King on the Cavs and he highlights this from their time together:

“There were times where you've got somebody who has been red-hot, and they're running it off, and we're like, 'Um, the scouting report said...', and he'd be like, 'Yeah, but I let him shoot that because in the left corner he only shoots 26 percent. He shoots 46 percent from three, but he only shoots 26 percent from the left corner.

"And you'd be like, 'Yes sir.'

"... He made me feel like I didn't do my homework."


So if he hasn’t been playing any worse why do people think that this criticism is justified?

Why do people still hate LeBron as their new stepdad for no particular reason?

Is it the ‘Playoff struggle’ that he is currently on?

I mean, surely not right?