Leave Mitchell Pearce alone

Remember when Britney Spears was going through that really rough patch and that guy filmed himself pleading for everyone to 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE'?

Remember that? Here it is.

Well that's what I feel like doing for Mitch Pearce.

I'm refusing to read all the articles on it.

It doesn't look pretty.

Who knows what's gone on, perhaps old Pearcey has done something he shouldn't have done.

I think privacy for he and his partner would be best right about now if the rumours are indeed all true.

I get it, it's part of the deal for professional athletes that their life is always in the public eye.

And yes, it isn't the first time Pearce has done something that has drawn some attention that he'd probably not really want.

But when this sort of stuff is going down, these arseholes in the media need to be a bit more sensitive about a pretty delicate situation.

I hope it all works out for the couple, let's hope this doesn't drag out in the media for too long.


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