Latrell O'Neal

Just last week we heaped praise on the big diesel, Shaquille O'Neal for his charitable work.

You know Shaq?

The bloke off the Pointsbet ads.

Yeah, him. You can read our little love for Shaq here. Seriously, if you get 2 minutes to check out what Shaq has been up to, give it a read, inspiring stuff.

But more locally, how good is it to see what Latrell Mitchell is doing of late as well.

Of course on the weekend Latrell got into some trouble on the field and has a date with the judiciary this week.

Not good.

He also now leads the Dally M medal count and is playing some sensational football under the tutelage of uncle Wayne.

But it's the nice little acts of kindness that are grabbing my attention at least, the one above he's dropping off some clothes that he's no longer wearing - including a Sydney Roosters backpack by the looks of things!

Seriously, look closely.

And of course there was the present for his parents, just a cheeky little dream home if you don't mind.

This leads me to believe that Latrell Mitchell is a good man.

More people like this we have in the game, the better.

He'll get boo'ed @ most Souths away games, people will always get stuck into him because he's that type of personality and he's obviously very good.

In that sense, he's often the villain.

But this is obviously a good man, a very good man and may this sort of stuff continue.

Go Bunnies.

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