Kyle Jamieson is farking good

Holy shit.

Andrew Flintoff 2.0.

In fact, he might be better than Freddy.

Australia take on the Black Caps in 5 T20's in late February and into early March and they better be ready for this bloke.

I mean, I presume he'll play - he's farking good.

Jamieson isn't exactly a spring chicken, he's 26 but he's certainly making his mark on the test stage right now.

In the first test against Pakistan, the big quick had match figures of 5/70. At stumps on the third day of the second test, with NZ in an awfully strong position, Jamieson has match figures of 6/70 and you can bet he'll add more wickets when play resumes tomorrow.

Pakistan need about 1,400 to make the Kiwis even bat again - they're gone.

Jamieson is decking them around like Wasim Akram and also smacked 30 off 22 balls at the back end of the New Zealand innings including one mammoth home run.

He stands 6'8 tall, Wikipedia reliably informs me he's the tallest player to ever play test cricket for New Zealand.

I think Joel Garner was only 6'6!

Side note - how well are the Kiwis going - seriously.

Pakistan aren't the best opposition but this New Zealand side is seriously good. Kane Williamson is a superstar - obviously, they've still got the mainstay of Ross Taylor in the middle order and the bowling attack of Southee, Boult and now Jamieson is very good.

When do Australia play the Kiwis next in Test cricket? I couldn't the schedule anywhere - poor journalism on my part.

Whenever it is, it'll be a cracking series and the Aussies are going to have their hands full with this bloke Jamieson steaming in.


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