Kotoni Staying Put


Maybe some good news for the Broncos!

I reckon it's about time we put some emphasis on some good news that comes out of Red Hill.

Kotoni Staggs has said that he loves the club and he's not leaving - you beauty.

Parramatta, the Titans and Canterbury are all having a crack at him, presumably there'd be others as well - but Kotoni is apparently not going anywhere.

Sadly we won't see him until Round 12 this year as he recovers from the knee reconstruction that put an end to his 2020 campaign and saw him miss origin for the Blues.

The true test will come next off-season when Kotoni comes off contract and will command a hefty price tag.

Apparently something around $850,000/season could be on the table.

That'll be a nice little earn wouldn't it.

But Kotoni has said to be keen to stay in Brisbane.

Darren Lockyer was his idol, Brisbane is where he wants to play his footy.

So what needs to happen now?

Well, plain and simple - a good year for the Broncos.

Let's move on from what 2020 delivered to us - that was a sh!t sandwich.

What's a good year for the Broncos?

Finals perhaps, if not, competitive at least and some clear optimism and stability around the club for the next couple of years.

Rival clubs will be rolling out the red carpet for Staggs later this year - Brisbane best be ready to fight for this signature.

Locking Kotoni Staggs in on a long-term deal could be the single most important signing in the history of the club.

I just realised that that's a big call, but I think this bloke is an absolute superstar.

In Kevvie we trust.

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