Kobe - 1 year on

It's one of the those things, I'll forever remember where I was when I heard that Kobe Bryant had died.

I read it on Twitter, just lying in bed, waking up after a few too many drinks on Australia Day and thinking it was some sadistic trick.

Then I thought I was dreaming.

Of course, I wasn't.

Jimmy Kimmel went to air the next night and summed it up the best.

He described Kobe as the last person you could imagine something like that happening to in the sense that he was a hero, in the way that Superman was a hero as if he were a fictional character.

Kobe was talented beyond belief and was still the hardest worker in the gym, it was no wonder he did what he did so many times in his beloved Lakers outfit.

It seemed like Kobe was somewhat invincible and as Kimmel put it, it seemed like he always showed up and got the job done.

There's plenty of wonderful tributes out there for Kobe - you can lose a good 5 or 6 hours on YouTube just watching them all.

These are some of my favourite.

I'm a Lakers fan, a Kobe fan and whilst most of us didn't have a personal relationship with him, when he died it felt like a loved one had passed.

A year on, we pause to reflect on the wonderful like of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and the other passengers that lost their lives in that ill-fated flight.

We pray for them and their families.

RIP Mamba.

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