Kieran Foran in Brisbane...?

Kieran Foran has reportedly been touted as a prospect on the radar of the Brisbane Broncos for season 2021.

Let me be clear, Kieran Foran is a very good rugby league player, already amassing 22 international appearances for New Zealand and at one stage, captaining his country.

Don't forget as well, Foran is a Premiership winner from 2011, when Manly defeated the Warriors in the grand final. At the age of 30, he's got a fair resume.

But in recent years , it would be fair to say that Foran has had his fair share of issues, on and off the field.

In 2016, Foran was rushed to hospital, reportedly overdosing on prescription medication and has also alleged to have gone on some serious gambling binges, losing in excess of six figures in a short period of time.

On the field, he moved from Manly to Parramatta at the end of 2015, but in 1 year at Parramatta, Foran only got 9 games. A year later, Foran joined the Warriors, 17 appearances but the team struggled, winning just 5 games.

In 2018, he was on the move again, this time joining Canterbury on a reported 3-year deal worth a staggering $3.6m.

In 3 seasons at Belmore, Foran has played in just 40 games and won a measly 11. Not the sort of return you'd expect from such an investment? He's been ravaged with injuries, first a shoulder and now a torn pectoral, bringing a premature end to his season.

For season 2021, the Bulldogs first offered, and then later withdrew a 1-year deal for Foran, leaving his future in limbo.

Reports now suggest that he's linked to the Brisbane Broncos.

At the age of 30, Foran brings plenty of experience and could help Brisbane develop their young halves, so long as he could stay on the field.

Reality is, Foran had played in every game for Canterbury this year since Round 4, he believes his body is as good as ever, with this latest injury coming at a really bad time.

I could only imagine Foran will be given a 1-year offer no matter where he goes, potentially with some clauses or bonuses in that contract around number of games played. But I don't mind this fit for Brisbane, initially I had thought James Maloney might be someone they'd target. If that's not an option, a healthy Kieran Foran might find a new lease on life in Brisbane.

Kieran Foran has played 213 NRL games and you're no mug if you're captaining your country, if only the Broncos had someone like the great Craig Bellamy or someone of his ilk that could get the best out of Foran. He's probably still got a good 3-4 years should his body hold up.

I don't mind it, get the man to Brisbane.


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