Keays – Footy star, or egotistical small man?

You might know Ben Keays as that one fantastic early sign-on for the Lions a few years ago, whose since moved to Adelaide.

That’s how I first became aware of him.

Though he may be a great player on the field, reports are circulating that he’s a bad sportsman off it.

Who would’ve thought, another footy player, a bit of a dickhead?

Rumours are saying that this breakouts pompous attitude and low opinions of others who ‘aren’t on his level’ have led to bad experiences.

Not just on the field too – it extends all the way back to high school, so clearly money isn’t the issue here.

Maybe its always just been his arrogant sense of self that’s led to him grifting off others, and using them for drinks and Ubers?

Who knows, maybe in a few years Ben will calm down, see how foolishly he’s treating others.

A lot of his behaviour isn’t as bad as other footy players, but he sure seems to make up for it in his attitude.

I know there’s loads of other people like Keays, but his behaviours just on blast due to being a professional athlete.

Let’s just hope Keays can step up, and reform this.

I doubt it though, considering how long he’s been like this.

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