Kanye West has conceded the US election

So Trump is gone, well in January at least.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won.

Alright, we're all good with that?

The Clive Palmer of the US Presidential race was Kanye West. Yes, as you would know, he was on the ballot paper.

So how did he fair?

Well, in total, once everything is counted, there is expected to be upwards of 160 million votes in the US election.

Joe Biden has received around 75 million votes.

Donald Trump has received around 70 million votes.

Kanye West got 60,000.

I did the math, that's 0.000375% of the vote for Kanye.

Fair to say not quite the result he was after.

This was Kanye's first tilt at becoming the commander and chief, he was on the ballot of 12 states.

He campaigned - not too heavily I might say - based on ending Police brutality and protecting American's with a strong military.

No one disagrees with those things, sadly for Ye, he just didn't get the votes, this time around at least.

So apparently he might be going around again in 2024, until then I'll guess he'll just have to keep on making millions of dollars.

Oh yeah, what did the Presidential race cost Kayne you ask? Just a reported US$12m or thereabouts.

Small change really...

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