Kalyn Ponga - 2021 Dally M Medal?

Potentially controversial comment alert!

We didn't see the best of Kalyn Ponga in 2020.

There I said it, and yes, I am acutely aware he finished 9th in the Dally M count, polling 16 votes from his 19 games.

Let me hit you with some stats, this year Ponga was 7th in total points, 10th in total run metres, 11th in line break assists, 16th in try assists & 21st in line breaks

He was also 10th in the 'player in support' category.

Those stats aren't too bad.

Combine that with being 7th in negative plays and 5th in handling errors.

James Tedesco, Clint Gutherson and Ryan Papenhuyzen pretty much beat Ponga in all those key categories in 2020.

Don't get me wrong, the numbers aren't terrible, but he's better than that.

He's had a few injuries to deal with over the past 3 years, he's now played 59 games for the Knights in those 3 years.

But you know Kalyn Ponga is only 22? Seems like he's been around longer.

I tell you what, I am expecting 2021 to be the year Ponga dominates the competition. On his day, you'd argue he's the best we've got in the game.

There's no markets up on Ponga to claim the Dally M in 2021, you'd think he'd be around the $15-$20 mark?

The good part is the Knights will be better again in 2021, like Ponga himself, they were very patchy with their form in 2020.

One week they look like world beaters, the next week they look like the Broncos.

Bradman Best will be bigger and better next year, Tex Hoy the same, whilst they also pick up Tyson Frizell. There's plenty to be excited about for 2021 and beyond.

Expecting Newcastle to be around that 5th - 8th place again and Ponga to be leading the way. In fact, I think he'll get the Dally M in 2021.

There was just some uncharacteristic stuff from KP in 2020, particularly at times under the high ball.

I just want to see him ripping shit up, when he gets a bit of open space, we all know what he can do.

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