Josh McGuire & the top 4 for the Dragons

Alright, who picked this?

5 rounds in and the Dragons are sitting 4th on the ladder and are favourites to win again this weekend against the Warriors.

The week following is the ANZAC Day clash with the Roosters and then the Tigers in Round 8.

At a minimum, you'd think they'd win 2 of the next 3.


All this without skipper Ben Hunt.

Now today, reports are that Josh McGuire is going to join and potentially be available for selection this week.

That happened fast.

It's like the Dragons are serving as the departure lounge for the Brisbane Broncos and just holding on to the ones they want.

Ben Hunt, Andrew McCullough, Corey Norman, Jack Bird - am I missing any others?

Don't forget coach Anthony Griffin too, he of course led the Broncos from 2011-2014.

Broncos fans might actually look back on those years fondly now given what is going on at the moment, at least they were competitive.

I like the addition of McGuire, Stevie Wonder could see he wasn't happy up in Townsville but on his day, he adds a lot.

He's a mongrel.

A good mongrel.

Some how, the Dragons are still paying $2.25 to make the Top 8 this year.

Admittedly, they haven't played any of the big 3 yet, that's the Panthers, Storm & Roosters.

If there was a big 4, that might include Parramatta who they of course beat on the weekend - that was encouraging.

I'm taking the $2.25 for the Top 8, if the big 4 all make it, which you'd expect that will, then you'd throw in the Raiders & Titans with some certainty but that leaves two spots.

Dragons and maybe the Knights if they get people back on the park or the Warriors might be a contender as well.

Either way, $2.25 Dragons is excellent value.

I'm on.

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