Josh McGuire - back to Brisbane?!

So Moose McGuire missed out on the State of Origin squad.

How does that sit with everyone?

The better news to come this week is that he's been linked to a return home to Red Hill.

Ahhh, yes please.

194 games for the mighty Broncos, 14 for Queensland and strangely, he's played 15 internationals - 7 of which were for Samoa and the other 8 for Australia.

In 2020, he was 13th in Post Contact Metres, 24th in Total Tackles and 26th in both Total Runs and Total Run Metres.

Remembering he missed 3 games this season.

He's the enforcer, he's the bloke that will cost you a sin bin or suspension every now and then, but he'll lead from the front in installing some mongrel into the young Broncos pack.

Next year, McGuire will turn 31, meaning he's still got what, 3-4 years of good football left in him? Worth the investment you'd think.

There's no doubting the bloke is tough, he's been legally blind in the left eye since 2011. Doctors have said he shouldn't be playing to risk further damage or indeed if something was to happen to the right eye.

That's either brave or dumb!

Then there's others who might not be big McGuire fans. That'd be most of NSW.

He's employed his fair share of unique tactics over the years, you wouldn't want something like that derailing his 2021 season.

Okay, so maybe he's a bit of a grub. But I love him and I think he's the grub the Broncos need.

The stats from this year suggest he is still getting through his work and he's still quite effective in doing so.

With Moose too, you know what you're going to get, 2021 will be his 13th season, the man has not won a premiership, could we get him one before he's done?

Welcome back Josh, I hope.


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