Joe Burns has stopped eating carrots

Did you catch the start of the Heat batting innings last night?

Watching Joe Burns was tough.

You can't help but want the guy to get some farking runs - they've been hard to come by of late.

I was - and still am - an average cricketer so my advice for Joe Burns is near on irrelevant, but it just looks like he's trying too hard.

He's putting too much pressure on himself.

He hasn't forgotten how to bat - it's just the confidence factor.

Well at least I thought that was it, but then I realised what had actually happened, Burns has stopped eating his carrots.

His vision is shot - he can't see the freakin ball! That's it!

And no, I am not kidding.

In 2015, Burns was offered arguably the most obscure cricketing sponsorship in the history of the game after the revelation that his mother encouraged him to eat carrots as a small fella.

A sponsorship deal swiftly followed from a carrot farming company - weird right?

I wonder how much it would have been worth!

Anyways, that deal has reportedly ended and it's obviously having a big impact on poor old Burnsy's vision.

I've figured it out, all he has to do is start eating his carrots again and he'll return to form - can we get the deal back!?

Sometimes people over complicate things, technique, mindset, conditions, etc.

In this instance, it's just all about eating carrots.

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