James Harden to the Brisbane Bullets?

James Harden is getting out of Houston.

That seems to be all but a done deal.

Where he lands is the $200m question. It's looking like it's either Miami or Brooklyn perhaps with teams scurrying to come up with enough for a trade.

Imagine if he goes to the Nets?

KD, Kyrie & Harden + a more than adequate support cast.

Give them the title now.

They'll score 140 every night.

But if a trade can't get done, I think I might have a solution for the Beard.

The Brisbane Bullets.

Think about the lifestyle down under James.

Obviously the Bullets won't have the $40m/year that Harden might get in the NBA, but I was thinking we could prop up the deal with some third-party arrangements.

How about this?

We load James Harden up with a lifetime deal @ the Breakfast Creek Hotel. Free steaks and beers whenever he wants - lucrative.

Then, we'll make him an ambassador for Golf Central near the airport, range balls and putt-putt for free whenever he likes to unwind after trainings and games.

But we're not done.

How about a weekly segment on Brisbane morning radio with Nova? He could be the like the Sam Thaiday of Basketball and do a 5-10 minute spot each week and hang out with Luttsy.

What else?

Let's throw in a three park super pass to Movie World, SeaWorld & Wet 'n' Wild, ideal for the summer months. Just stay away from DreamWorld.

We could also make him the #1 ticket holder to the Broncos, Lions & Reds.

Now it's almost sounding too good to be true.

This is of course all In addition to his playing salary, let's say that is around $400,000/season, I reckon the Bullets could pull that together.

What do we think? It sounds like a pretty good package.

I'll tweet this to him and grab his attention.

Let's see how we go.

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