Jake Turpin - wowee

Yes I know, we did it again.

16-0 halftime and shat the bed again.

Let's focus on the positives and maybe make a few excuses.

The positives?

There were plenty.

None more so than Jake Turpin - wowee, that was some sort of performance from the young fella wasn't it.

42 tackles and missed just the 1.

5 runs out of dummy half and some nice options and execution with his kicking game.

His front up contact was outstanding, the Eels decided to send a lot of traffic back in behind the ruck for a lot of the second half and Turpin stood up.


Who else?

Anthony Milford looked good, Xavier Coates did his thing - let's hope he's all okay after a scare with the neck and a concussion, but the engine room were all pretty good.

Thomas Flegler was enormous, Patrick Carrigan had 81 post contact metres and Tevita Pangai Junior gave us an excellent 15 minutes in his first stint.

Interestingly, Pangai Junior only played 38 minutes you'd like to see him giving you 45-50 minutes.

The excuses?

Kevvie wasn't prepared to make too many which I like.

But if you were to look at things, the injury toll didn't help - that's obvious.

A couple of contentious calls perhaps didn't go our way either.

Did anyone else think the knock on before the Ferguson in-field kick for the Gutherson try was in fact David Mead chopping the arm and not making contact with the ball?

The bunker looked at it once!

Then I thought our man Tuprin had scored when they ruled it knocked on.

Was that downward pressure or was that my bias Broncos goggles painting me a picture that simply wasn't there?

To be fair, there's not much to fix up & we're missing Payne Haas and Kotoni Staggs.

There were just some instances where the decision making perhaps wasn't on point. Poor execution when we got into the Eels backfield and a couple of soft tries.

It's not diabolical.

If fact, it's anything but.

The narrative will be that the Broncos did it again, they choked, and yes - it's hard to argue.

As Shannon Noll once said, 'what about me?'. I tipped them this week and at 16-0 I was really rubbing it in the face of all my mates.

Alas - they gave it back to me.

Last night was a pass mark, we didn't win, but it was a pass mark. The effort was there, just a few things cost us.

It's the Titans next week down the coast, that'll be a good one.

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