Izzy back?

Look out!

This is a bit exciting.

I'm going to leave the off-field controversy to one side.

We all know what went down with the old social media indiscretions that made Raelene Castle and Rugby Australia terminate his contract.

That was a bit messy wasn't it.

Truth is - the guy is a superstar.

I would love it if Israel Folau returned to the NRL.

It would be great to see him the big red V, but it would also be wonderful to see him back with the Maroons.

He's done the Karmichael Hunt style career, started in league, tried his hand in AFL and then 73 matches for the Wallabies.

The resume is pretty good!

Now he's looking at another shot in the NRL!

In his times so far in the NRL, it was 91 games, 52 for the Melbourne Storm and then 39 for the Brisbane Broncos.

He'll divide opinion and he will put bums on seats, Peter V'Landys and his team will have a big smile on their face.

If Folau returns, that's a lot of their marketing done for the year!

Where does he fit in? Wasted on the wing you'd think but the Dragons have Matt Dufty at fullback, does Izzy return to the centres perhaps.

After all, he was the Dally M centre of the year in 2008.

Either way, I am sure Anthony Griffin will find a spot for him and this gets me really excited.

They've lost Cameron McInnes just today, an apparent falling out with the new coach - this might be the welcome news the Dragons need!

If you were wondering, in those 91 NRL games, Izzy scored 73 tries and got a further 5 tries from as many outings for QLD.

This is box office stuff - grab the popcorn!

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