Izaia Perese is farken good

I take my hat off to the NSW Waratahs.

Izaia Perese made a mistake, a pretty big mistake actually, but he shouldn't be served a life sentence as a result.

The Waratahs are good at handing out second chances.

Perese looks set to fill the role vacated by Karmichael Hunt - that's just a little bit ironic!

Perese is just 23 years-old and he's a farken good footballer.

He played 17 games for the Reds and was that impressive that Michael Cheika took him over on the spring tour in 2016 at the ripe old age of 19.

He's that good.

The switch to rugby league and linking up with the Broncos never worked - he was then of course sacked for drug related offences.

Not a great story and to be fair, anyone supplying drugs is a bit of a moron.

But now, the NSW Waratahs and head coach Rob Penney have given Perese one of the great lifelines.

A 1-year contract and he's already started doing pre-season with the 'Tahs.

If the Waratahs can keep Perese on the straight and narrow and get the best out of him on the field, then this may well be the best buy of 2021.

I am not kidding, this bloke is a star.

I had the fortune of crossing paths with Perese a few times in club rugby in Brisbane, he's one of the best players I've seen - in fact one day I coached against the guy and he absolutely ripped us a new you know what.

Further to that - he comes across as a good human.

Yep, he made a pretty big mistake and in no way do I think drug dealing is a good thing - but like the Waratahs, I'm prepared to give this bloke another chance.

There will be some people not happy about it - that's okay too.

But I'm telling you, if the 'Tahs get the best out of this bloke, he's a damaging ball runner and will be one hell of a headache for the rest of the competition.

Congrats to the Waratahs - let's hope Izaia Perese makes the most of it.

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