It's tough being a Brisbane Heat fan

Fair dinkum.

I settled in on the couch after finishing my Christmas shopping yesterday and the first thing that greets me is the fact that Chris Lynn pulls his hamstring in the warm up.

Game over.

Effectively, game over.

Then the Heat actually bowled and fielded very well, restricting the Strikers to 150.

Even without Lynn, 150 looked gettable.

Then what happened?

1/0, Heazlett out second ball to a good catch.

2/1, Milenko out to a shockingly dumb shot.

Then, 5/37.

Just some stupid cricket shots, trying to hit Rashid Khan over the stands for example and then just seeing off Wes Agar. No disrespect to Wes Agar, but he's less dangerous then old Rashid.

It was left to stand-in Heat skipper Jimmy Pierson to almost save the day, what about his innings? Falling just 3 runs short in the wash up - it shouldn't have been that difficult.

Pierson really stood up - but it wasn't enough.

Now the Heat will presumably be without Lynn-sanity for their next couple of games - at least.

But every match it's either something, a few days ago against the Thunder, the Heat bowled horribly when attempting to close out the game - Daniel Sams went crazy.

Now last night, it was just a shocking batting performance.

Not a good night for Cricket Australia and Big Bash promoters, Chris Lynn out before the game even started and then Rashid Khan does his hammy as well, or so it appeared, late in the game.

This BBL could well peter out this year if we're not careful - particularly in Brisbane, the Heat fans can only take so much punishment.

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