It's Monday farken morning

Ahhh Monday morning - we meet again.

It's a bit of a struggle now but the thing getting me through is the fact that by the end of this week, we'll be watching the Broncos pump the Eels.


The last couple of week's have been a little bit light in terms of sports content.

Having said that, this morning I'm watching the last round of the golf @ Bay Hill and the NBA All-Star Game is on later this morning as well.

The quiet period has allowed us to take it a bit easy - it's been a good little break.

But this Thursday night the league is back and the AFL will follow the week after. When you throw that on top of the Super Rugby action, the horse racing & the NBA - we're going to have plenty to talk about.

The golf is heating up too, the Players Championship next week and then the Masters in early April.

There's a fair bit going on @ Inside Feed as well.

We've got capital raising, we've got our NRL tipping comp of course launching this week, some great stuff happening with a couple of brand partners & we're looking at doing a couple of things with charity as well.

I've decided also that I no longer want to live life as a fat man.

I did a little weight loss challenge late last year, it didn't go so well.

I have exactly 7 weeks today until my birthday - ANZAC Day for those wandering - as of this morning I want to lose 12.7kgs.

That'll put me below 85kg, a place I haven't been since about grade 3 or 4.

What's that, 1.8kg per week - more than doable.

This weight loss campaign is my 406th of my short 32 year career, but I'm feeling fairly determined this time around - it's only 49 days of hard work and a bit of discipline - what could possibly go wrong!?

Unlike last time, I am just going to weight in weekly. So that means that this time next week, I need to be 95.8kg.


The other exciting thing that's going on is a new podcast, we came up with a really creative name for it, it's called the Ben Travers Show.

I honestly don't know how we keep coming up with these brilliant ideas.

More to come on that soon.

Get through today, maybe a quiet wine tonight just to take the edge off, we'll be through Tuesday & Wednesday before we know it and then we've got an excellent weekend of sport starting Thursday night with the Storm & Rabbitohs.


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